November 27, 2011

Assignment 3 - Practical Part

As I said in the class about one nachOS that I found but I couldn't handle, We leave here the link maybe you it's helpfully to you.

This is the result of one of te execution with two terminals:

And this is another execution in the same terminal with the command ./nachos -m 0 -o 0 ./nachos -m 1 -o 0

In the last part of the image we can see, the information of the execution of nachos, and in the Network I/O say that we sent and received 2 packets.

Something else to add is a link where you can read more information about an introduction of Networking in nachOS.

Nachos Networking

In this file I read the history about Why in nachos the functions are named PostOffice or something like that.


  1. You mentioned that Mail and MailHeader work together.
    What about Packet Header? Can you tell me something about it?

  2. Agrego +1 por contenido extra en el blog, dando un total final 7+2 por N3P.